July 5, 2008

iPhone SDK

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Finally sucked it up and downloaded the 1.2GB iPhone SDK.  Looks like I’ll be buying extra bandwidth this month again.

Nice emulator included, looking forward to playing with the SDK.


February 22, 2008

us is watching you!

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picture-2.png cunningly avoided the grammar police :)

May 24, 2007

Mobile & Web New Media Marketing, Day 2

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Let me sum up today with a generalization: Buy our product.   I really didn’t know what to expect from today’s speakers and for the most part, I was disappointed, because what I did not expect was to sit through speaker after speaker punting their company and product.  What I was hoping was to watch engaging speakers talk about how to really leverage the mobile platform and build engaging campaigns.  Yes, MMS and mobizines may be new for some people, but they’re just another channel to push stuff at you.  I guess in light of the speakers yesterday, it was just a bit dissapointing.

There were two that I did enjoy though.  Brian Richardson from Wizzit Bank was clearly passionate about using the mobile platform to bring banking to the unbanked and it came through loud and clear.  The other presentation was by Leon Orsmond who was also engaging and entertaining, but somewhat controversial in his views.  At least for most of the audience.  While a lot of people were getting their panties in a knot, what they failed to grasp was that at last a speaker had made them think.

I made some notes/questions/objections to some points that were raised:

Exactmobile said that they could get the MSISDN through WAP, but the last time I checked, that header comes through as empty.  I guess the operators are only forwarding that header on to the Exactmobile domains.

Then someone (I forget who) in the mobizine/thumbtribe presentation mentioned that they got a 72 hour swell forecast especially created for them by some guy in the US.  I wonder if they had ever heard of Spike and who has been doing this with alarming success for a fairly long time.  He also questioned the validity of MXit as a commercialized marketing channel.  I think 35 000 subscribers in 24 hours isn’t doing too bad.

May 11, 2007

AtPlay Update: 11 March 2007

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Insure by phone. An interesting article over at insurance news portal announces that Metropolitan Life have launched a new product called Cover2go – simply SMS them a number to have R10 deducted from your airtime and be covered against accidental death for the next 6 days for R60,000. It’s been launched as a trial in the taxi ranks in Jo’burg. Can’t imagine why :) Still, a really neat offering. I’ll be interested to see how it is policed though, especially since I would think a large proportion of that market are on pay as you go type non-contracts. Perhaps you have to SMS your ID number to them.

While on the subject of buying through SMS, a really useful one for me is being able to purchase electricity via SMS. A quick Google found 3 in SA –, and I ‘m not too sure about leaving my credit card details stored online though, although it would be a small price to pay to avoid the accusing stares I get when the power goes out in the middle of American Idol (albeit stares in complete darkness).

Then, from the what-will-they-do-next-with-an-ipod department, I bring you two products. First up we have Big George Foreman and his gipod200! Because every barbecue needs an ipod docking station. Secondly somthing to err, tickle your fancy. It’s called the OhMiBod, because sometimes, 2 speeds just ain’t enough. Link may be seen as somewhat risqué, so if you’re easily offended, rather just keep reading.

There was an email kicking about earlier in the week about a cool 3D mobile phone campaign that Saatchi NZ did recently. HP Labs have developed something similar called mscape, which runs on mobile phones that have GPS units embedded in them. OK, so not all mobiles have GPS’ at the moment, but then a short while ago we never had camera’s in our phones. So anyways, what’s cool about this is that anyone can go and create an experience or game using images, sound and video, and then, using the GPS unit in the phone, this is overlaid and activated as you move around in the real world. It’s technology like this that makes working in interactive that much more interesting, as it lets us bridge online and offline spaces – it’s something we started doing with semacodes on the Peugeot 107 campaign. Sounds awesome, go check it out.

So you’re sitting in the cinema right, waiting for the movie to start. And it’s pretty damn boring. So what do you do? You become a joystick, that’s what. MSNBC have launched something in some US cinemas called NewsBreaker live. Cameras mounted in the cinema monitor the collective movement of the crowd, and use this to control a game of breakout on the screen. As blocks are broken news headlines from MSNBC drop down. I actually doubt people are reading them.

Then lastly for those who like pretty things, a flickr photoset of business cards.

April 12, 2007

Gadgets gadgets everywhere

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As I sat at the airport the other night, listening to my iPod and lamenting that my laptop battery had long since died, I started noticing the overwhelming number of people that were connected to a device of some sort. I expected to see (as I did) the teenager with the iPod and MacBook to be there, or the suit with the cellphone surgically attached to the side of their head (as I did), but what I didn’t expect was the number of people who had iPods. Everywhere I looked there was either a businessman all suited up with one ear stuck to his cellphone and a white iPod earbud dangling from the other. I lost count of the number of people who had the headphones hanging out the neck of their jackets/sweaters, like it’s the latest fashion accesory. When I finally managed to get onto the plane, in my row and the row in front, half of us were listening to iPods on the trip home.

iPod headphones

Working in the tech environment that we do with creative advertising types you would expect to see a lot of iPods, digital camera’s and laptops. And you do. But I kind of always assumed that it was because of the environment. I guess with the news that Apple have managed to flog 100 million of the things in the last 5 years or so it stands to reason that you’re gonna see them out there amongst the masses :)

April 1, 2007

Mobile web browsing

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Just had a look at Microsoft Deepfish, which is an interesting approach to browsing the web on a mobile device. Deepfish runs on your web server, and when the page is requested by a mobile device, Deepfish grabs a screenshot of the rendered webpage, and serves that out to the mobile browser at the right size for its screen. You can then zoom in and move about the page, when zoomed in, links and forms work as expected.

Technology preview, all beta slots appear to be filled and runs on Windows Mobile 5.0. So unless you’re using a windows mobile smartphone or pocket pc you won’t be using it any time soon.

I wonder though whether it’ll catch on. Sure for developers it’s great – code the site once and bung Deepfish on the server, and mobile browsers can click and zoom – job done. But when the site is designed in a specific way with navigation easy to find and use, doesn’t this just break all of that? I think I’ll watch this one and see where it goes.

March 10, 2007

Yahoo! set’s me up the lie

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I was reading this morning about Yahoo! Mobile Go 2.0 (or some other clever combination of buzz-words) and figured it would be worth giving it a whirl. Of course my phone is notoriously crap at suporting anything more than making a call or SMS, so I wasn’t brimming with confidence when I headed on over to the Yahoo! Go page.

Imagine the delight to find that I was in!

Yahoo! Go

I filled in my details and received an SMS with the link to download. Off I went. Only to be denied at the final hurdle.

Yahoo! Denied

So thanks for that. Is the web site lying to me by telling me that my phone is supported, or is your mobile detection all screwed? You guys have heard of WURFL right?

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