December 10, 2007

Service levels

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I just went out to do two tasks: renew my car license and buy a wedding present from a bridal registry list.  And what a difference in service between the two.  The Traffic Department with the infamous eNatis system, and Boardmans.First up was the Traffic Department and eNatis.  When I arrived I was 4th in a queue that contained a fairly even mix of taxi drivers and old people.  I can say this with some degree of accuracy because there was a barely roadworthy mini-bus parked outside with “” emblazoned across the rear window and the old people brought chairs.  So it was with some suprise that while I was still firing up Opera Mobile to update my Facebook status to something scathing about the Traffic Department that I reached the front of the queue.  Hardly enough time to get my money ready and I was at the counter.  Handed in my renewal form, passed over the money and within a minute I had my license disk.  No mess, no fuss.  Despite all the trash talk about eNatis, now that it’s working properly it’s damn fast and damn efficient. Which brought me to Boardmans.  Place was relatively empty so I wandered over to the till area where someone was busy looking something up on a computer.  She finished up and then walked around me to get back behind the counter.  Where I was standing.  Looking at her.  She then proceeded to stare vacantly into space  pretty much over my shoulder.  You know how in Second Life when someone is just standing there doing nothing – I swear they modeled that behavior on her.  After about a minute I asked “can you help me” and it turns out she could.  Almost. Luckily someone else who was capable of breathing and operating a computer at the same time came and took over and the experience became a whole lot less stressful.  Better service at eNatis than Boardmans? Never thought I’d see the day. 


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  1. so did they manage to track any outstanding fines on natas/satan’s computer?

    Comment by Uwe Gutschow — January 4, 2008 @ 1:54 am | Reply

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