May 23, 2007

Mobile & Web New Media Marketing, Day 1

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The first day of Mobile & Web New Media Marketing has come to an end, and since I don’t have the luxury of being able to blog in realtime, here’s some quick thoughts before I wander off in search of food.

Giles Embleton had a lot to say about electronic law, and while it was certainly interesting, IANAL and so a lot of it was unfortunately lost. What his talk did do though was spark an interest in deciphering exactly what this all means for our clients. One thing that I did think about was around the Protection of Personal Information Bill, which “aims to regulate the processing of personal information by public and private bodies”. A few weeks ago I heard of a company, whose name I’ve now forgotten) that can take your mobile number database and run it against databases that they have to give you more specific information on them. I’m guessing that the bill will put a stop to that sort of thing, but how does it affect things like GIS research where multiple databases are processed against one another?

Mike Stopforth then woo’ed the crowd with his easy-going delivery style. Nothing there that I hadn’t seen before, but then I work in the same industry :) What was great though was that he did an excellent sales and marketing job – there were some big name clients in the audience and the more clients we can get to come around to our way of thinking, the better for everyone. One thing Mike never mentioned in his Aston Martin story was whether the dealer concerned saw any monetary returns on his generosity.

[Edit] Mike mailed to say that as far as he knows there were no direct sales for them as a result.  Pity, being able to show a financial result helps sell to pointy-heads.  Still, I’m sure it will make a great case study nonetheless.

The 5FM case study was interesting in that we had both the agency (Stonewall+) and the client presenting. I had 2 questions which I never got a chance to ask, since it looked like Ben was about to expire from the flu and besides, I had a mouthful of Endearmints. So these are them: the stats growth shown from pre-launch (October 2004) of 1.7 million impressions to post-launch (2006?) of over 2 million is 23%. How much of that is attributed to organic growth of the site? How do these figures compare to the growth of say 2002 to 2004? And then, when I was active on IRC about 10 or so years ago, 5FM had one of the largest chat rooms on the SA IRC network. How many of those users and those interactions have converted over onto the new 5FM site?

[Edit] Ben mailed to say that the chat is still running on the site in the Music & More section.  Archived stats are being hunted.

Tomorrow is all about mobile, so should be interesting to see what people have to say.


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