May 4, 2007

AtPlay Update: 4 March 2007

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An update on that whole US presidential race going online that I mentioned before – well the latest is that there will be a Republican vs Democrat debate online. Users will be able to post questions and have them answered in real time. It will be interesting to see how well something like this holds up as I’m sure that closer to the time it will generate a lot of attention and with it a lot of network traffic. Luckily Yahoo! are one of the partners in this and as the owners of flickr, probably have the capacity to manage all the added attention :) While we’re on the subject though, Barack Obama has requested that Presidential debates (all of them, not specifically the online ones) be licensed under the Creative Commons license. This means that anyone who wants will be able to edit and share the debates as they wish. This will no doubt win him the support of the all the open source pundits out there, and provide plenty of fuel for budding video editors.

Staying with US politics for the moment it seems that the US Army doesn’t share in Barack Obama’s pro-open stance. Soldiers have been ordered that they cannot post to blogs or send personal email without clearing the content with their superior officer. I can’t say I’ve ever read a soldiers blog so I’m not going to miss out. No doubt a debate will rage over freedom of speech versus giving away military secrets. You’d have to be pretty stupid to announce something like troop positions on your blog, but slip-ups do happen. We’ll see how it all pans out.

Turning to matters less weighty: for those of you who have not been able to set up your Mii help is at hand. Some kind soul has recreated the entire Mii editor on a webpage, so instead of recreating yourself in painstaking detail on the Wii and denying Tom the opportunity of getting that magical 7 under par, you can while away your lunch hour at your very own desk, making tweaks to your hairline and choosing an appropriate nose. Check it out, but be warned, I haven’t yet tried to transfer one of these onto the Wii, so you may just be wasting your time. But at least you won’t be wasting Tom’s :)

The winners for this years Webby Awards (thinks Oscars for the Web) have been announced. As you would expect, Youtube, flickr and facebook did pretty well, but so did Saatchi! Saatchi NZ were nominated for Rubbish Films in the Telecommunications category and Saatchi LA won the People’s Voice for the Toyota Yaris virtual test drive. Both very very cool sites.


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