May 4, 2007

AtPlay Update: 20 April 2007

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The AtPlay update from 20th April:

So apparently the iPhone will be launched at the end of June and Cingular (official carrier for iPhone in the US) have requested 1 million iPhones for the launch. And that’s just to cover the people that have already signed up. Over 6.5 million Nintendo Wii’s have been sold worldwide, and you may have noticed that there is 1 in AtPlay. You know – the place where all the creatives hang out.

Speaking of phones, there’s been a lot of talk about a possible Google phone. The latest rumour is that they are now in production and should be delivered to market end 2007/beginning 2008. Of interest to us is that while the iPhone is launching on Cingular, industry watchers are touting Orange as the initial partner for the Google phone.

So Google. Some clever guy at Carnegie Mellon in the states came up with a game called ESP where two random people online are shown the same photo at the same time. The object is to guess the same keyword for the image – as soon as they agree on a keyword, they move to the next image. The more images you agree on, the higher your score. Google have licensed the technology and are using it to get people to label, and therefore describe, all of the images they have in their search engine. It’s something a computer cannot do, and by turning it into a challenge where points are awarded, people are lining up to help make the Google search engine even more powerful! Go try it out.

Here’s an interesting press release. It’s from a company in the US called Campus Food that manage an online network of campus restaurants. The press release is all about their new service where students can set up favorite foods and then place their orders through SMS. The interesting thing about the press release is not so much what they’re announcing, but how they do it. On the page is a link to a Youtube video that explains the service, a podcast about it and buttons to share and blog the link on all the popular social networking sites like facebook, digg and Clearly the PR people knew where to find their target market and how to talk to them.

Lastly, an update on the Folding@home thing – I set up a Saatchi & Saatchi Team, so if anyone wants to install the Folding@home screen saver and pitch in, the team id is 66630

Since the next Friday (27th) was a public holiday, we skipped a week. Scheduled transmission resumes today.


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