April 17, 2007


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This morning I had a whole blog post planned around more Google goodness, but then our Nintendo Wii arrived.

Nintendo Wii Golf

After much scurrying about to find a UK to SA plug convertor, we managed to set it up just in time for the afternoon meetings. By the time we got back to the office the girls had mastered Wii Bowling, so we won’t be playing that again any time soon.

Since we set it up we’ve had loads of people giving it a shot. This evening we had a client showing us his golf game and our Africa Creative Director playing tennis! And it really is a simple matter of picking up the controls and playing. That is most definately what makes it as popular as it is. Sure, the graphics are clunky and not what you would expect from a current games console, but it does the job. I guess by not trying to make the graphics realistic, Nintendo have just avoided the whole graphics shoot-out completely and allowed people to concentrate on the gameplay.

So far I’ve only played a bit of bowling (before losing and quickly changing to golf), golf, where it seems like beginners luck is not limited to the physical golf course, and tennis. I watched some other people playing boxing, and I think I’ll avoid that embarresment.

Nintendo Wii Boxing

At this point I need to extend major thanks to Dave who selfishly gave up his Wii for our benefit.

Now, all I need is some free time so I can get cracking at Legend of Zelda!


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  1. and it has a web browser too

    Comment by Allan — May 10, 2007 @ 11:34 am | Reply

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