March 2, 2007

A useful version of Windows…

Filed under: Technology — Allan @ 8:56 pm

Since migrating to the Cult of Mac and being branded a zealot, I didn’t think I’d go back to my old Windows ways, but earlier this week we took delivery of the first of our Tablet PC’s – two shiny HP TC4400’s.

The handwriting recognition was impressive straight off the bat – something that I didn’t really expect. Where the tablet really shone for us was sitting around brainstorming. Usually we would have big sheets of paper or work on a white board in a meeting room somewhere. No longer – our sketches and diagrams and flow-chart type things are recorded straight into the tablet PC. We were always certain that the tablet PC would add a load of value, but it was nice to be vindicated.

Today though, I presented on it for the first time. The cool little scroll-button thing on the side of the tablet allowed me to put the pointer into pen mode and use the touch-pen to highlight portions of the presentation and make notes based on the client’s feedback. And the best thing about it was when I was done, all of my changes were saved back into the powerpoint document. And come Monday, I get to play tablet evangelist as word has spread in the office about this amazing tool. I sense the finance department will be receiving some requests soon :)

Now, where’s my Mac tablet…..


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