February 3, 2007

Trying a different view

Filed under: Cult of Mac,Technology — Allan @ 1:05 pm

Earlier this week a copy of Windows Vista (Business) and Office 2007 arrived on my desk (all legit of course). The Office made me smile since I was already using the beta version on my desktop machine there, but I wasn’t all that excited about Vista. Ever since I’ve moved across to the Cult of Mac, the Vista hype has pretty much left me cold. But, I have a notebook that I sometimes use that has this Windows Vista Capable sticker on it, so why the hell not.

My first efforts were denied because I have the Novell client installed, and apparently they don’t play nice together, to the point that it wouldn’t install. But now it’s a new day and for some reason I have the inspiration to give it another bash. So out with the Novell client (who really needs to connect to the network anyway) and off we go. In an effort to save me reinstalling Adobe Suite and a whole slew of other applications, I’m going to try the upgrade path first. Right now it’s finished copying the files and has now decided to gather them all together – “Gathering files (20%)” – I can only assume that in the copy process it just threw them willy nilly about the drive and now has to go find where it left them all. It’s still on 20% so I guess it made a right old mess. Next it is going to expand them. Since the software came on a DVD that scares me a bit. A DVD wasn’t large enough that you still needed to compress the files? Good thing I have a large drive.

Anyways, assuming this all works, I should soon be able to make an unbiased comparison between OS X and Vista. OK, so it won’t be unbiased. But it’ll be a comparison of sorts. Assuming of course that the installer manages to gather up all those pesky files.


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